Online directories are globally the first online places where users will look for a company, a trader or a store. Listings of companies and businessmen in YELLOWPIN are a particular and innovative form of presentation (one-page website of FULL content) appears in the top positions of search engines, because users searching in YELLOWPIN listings are set to boost the ranking of our online catalogue in high places regarding the internet search machines, like google, bing and yahoo. Thus each entry to us has an opportunity of 30% more to be shown, than if you just look for the same entry in the find field of a search engine such as Google.

  • The greek professional catalogue of companies, professionals & other

YELLOWPIN is the new innovative online guide for businesses, professionals, traders and anyone else who wants a website layout in a listing catalogue. What makes YELLOWPIN unique and innovative in the provision of services, is the presentation of the companies who have a full site layout (onepage) with navigation and all the information that would be “housed” in a normal website! YELLOWPIN catalogue gives you (at the cost of a simple hosting package) the opportunity to be presented with a complete description of your services to a complete one page webpage, providing you even the opportunity to have your own domain name!

Users who are looking for your business online, YELLOWPIN is the only listing catalogue where your potential customers are fully aware about your services, your geographic location and your information. You can embed audiovisual elements to advertise and whatever else you would like to be included in your listing (like flipbooks, videos etc) exactly with the same way you could do in a complete website. Our aim is to enable Internet users to see as much more possible details of your company’s activities without being tired searching online.



YELLOWPIN is an excellent starting point to access the Internet. The detailed listing of your business, is making it easy for your customers to be informed about your services, your opening hours and how they can contact you. In addition, visiting YELLOWPIN your customers can ``see`` you in a more integrated way than the other online guides, since we have arranged that your entry-listing is including interactive media, social networks, photos & much more!



YELLOWPIN is particularly optimized in order to increase your chances to be seen on search engines (like Google) on a high ranking, from a user who is looking for a business. What is more better, people who can find your business online from all devices, even if you do not have a website. On YELLOWPIN your listing is presented on a layout of a modern designed website.



Consider that only a domain name purchased and a web hosting package, costs average 80 - 120 euros. With the price of 99 euros, we offer you a full listing, optimized for search engines, on a modern website design.

  • 10 main reasons to get listed in YELLOWPIN

1. We provide the ability to display your listing as a full onepage site, rather than a classic online listing-directory.

2. YELLOWPIN is friendly to search engines and guarantees your exposure to high positions of users searches.

3. Registration of your company and data entering is made simple, via email, telephone or by visiting one of our partners.

4. We provide to our users multiple ways of searching (geographically, by brand, services or products, etc.), this way is easy for them to search for the type of services you provide.

5. Your listing in YELLOWPIN is easily updated and provides space for any promotional messages you wish to view on the internet.

6. Your company through YELLOWPIN provides immediate and full access to your information and your activities in hundreds and thousands of your potential customers.

7.  YELLOWPIN is a modern and efficient in means of promotion and transmits in the best way your advertisement in a webpage layout, rather than a listing in a classic directory.

8. The presentation of your personal website is made with your own logo and your own photos. If you do not provide them to us, we use our professional photographers and photo editors to integrate them on your website-listing.

9. We give the opportunity to our subscribers to have their own website domain name on their page-listing in YELLOWPIN.

10. YELLOWPIN is the cheapest listing-directory in meanings of price/service ratio, considering that the annual basic subscription costs only 99 euros (VAT excluded) and on that price you have a full content website with all your activities shown and promoted.

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